5 Benefits of Gas Pool Heaters
Ways To Heat Your Pool

5 Benefits of Gas Pool Heaters

Even in Florida’s heat, your pool can start to feel chilly during the cooler months. Of course, such a significant investment should be enjoyed year-round, but what are you supposed to do when the weather doesn’t cooperate? One of the easiest ways to enjoy your pool 365 days a year is with gas pool heaters. These compact heating devices are a fast, reliable way to keep your swimming pool heated to your exact preferences without any hassle.

How exactly do they work? For the most efficient and complete heating, your pool should be assessed by a gas pool heater installer. First, they’ll calculate how much pool water needs to be heated, along with the temperature. Then, they’ll start the installation process. If your home is already outfitted with a natural gas hook-up, they’ll connect the heaters and be on their way. If not, though, you might consider the benefits of having a natural gas line for your home. They can install one, although it will increase the time and cost, but the advantage is that you’ll be left with a permanent heating source. Once the line is in, they can perform the normal installation.

Once installed, the heaters work quickly to increase the water temperature. Water circulates through the heater’s combustion chamber, churning it back out at the proper temperature. Because natural gas is such an efficient fuel source, it doesn’t take long to heat your entire pool fully – and keep it that way! When properly maintained, pool heaters provide years of hassle-free heating, allowing you to enjoy your pool for much longer.

Benefits of Pool Heaters

Other than the obvious benefit of giving you a warm place to swim, installing a gas pool heater has other perks.


Gas pool heaters give you the most bang for your buck. Since they run off of natural gas, you get the benefit of using an abundant natural resource that never runs out. That also means that you don’t have to purchase fuel, which saves you time along with the cost of energy. The main costs associated with installing a gas pool heater are the installation and maintenance, and even that won’t break the bank. You want to be sure to hire a professional heater installation service that can properly connect your natural gas line or install a gas hook-up if your home doesn’t already have one.


Gas pool heaters are among the most efficient ways to increase the temperature of your pool. That’s because natural gas burns so quickly at higher temperatures, which then passes on to water. As a result, they’ll work no matter the outside temperature, giving you a quick and reliable pool temp. Even better, their efficiency means that there’s no need to run them 24/7. Depending on your pool use, you can turn the heater off and on as needed to further save on fuel. Then, once you’re ready to use it, turn it on again in advance, and you’ll be greeted by a warm, comfortable pool every time.

Swim 365 Days a Year

It’s inevitable that the pool sounds the most inviting on the coldest days. Luckily, a pool heater can fix that problem for you! With a heated pool, you aren’t limited to certain months or seasons. Instead, you can rely on perfectly-heated water year-round. An added benefit is that a heated pool is more appealing for home-buyers, so if your house is on the market, you could see an increase in value. If not, though, you get to personally benefit from your heated pool at any time of day or night.

Low Maintenance

Nobody wants to add a fussy piece of equipment to their pool that needs constant repair. Thankfully, gas pool heaters don’t fall into that category; in fact, they’re totally opposite. While electric models need more frequent tune-ups, gas models require far less maintenance and upkeep. Simply keep them free of debris, have them serviced yearly for scale build-up, and you’re set to enjoy your pool heater for years to come.


As one of the cleanest burning fuel sources you can find, natural gas is an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool. Not only can you save on your energy bill, but you can also benefit from an efficient and clean-burning fuel source to heat your pool at any time. An efficient fuel source means that you don’t need to use it as much or as often, saving you time, money, and environmental impact.

Gas Pool Heaters in Southwest Florida

Are you ready to experience year-round heat in your pool? Then contact Gas Service Center today! We provide full-service pool heater installation, including an assessment to determine the best type of heater for you. We install and service your gas pool heater with safe, quality workmanship and equipment that’s built to last. Request a free estimate today so we can tell you more about our heaters and find out just what you’re looking for.

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Published: December 5, 2022
Author: Gas Service Center
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