What are the Benefits of Natural Gas Pool Heaters?

What are the Benefits of Natural Gas Pool Heaters?

Nothing beats swimming on an afternoon after a busy day until you feel to cold autumn air of Florida nipping away. 

A pool gas heater greatly benefits swimmers who want to heat their pool occasionally or use it all year round. 

Gas Service Center, the gas pool heater experts in Central Florida, explain the benefits of investing in a natural gas pool heater and how to get the right size that meets your expectations.

Getting the Right Size Gas Pool Heater

Swimming might be fun. However, swimming can be difficult when the temperatures are unfavorable. Natural gas pool heater allows you to extend the swimming season even when it is chilly outside. This is a significant investment, which is why our team would like to go over some factors to consider before making this purchase:

  • The size of your pool: The size of your pool dramatically influences the energy needed to heat your pool water. Generally speaking, the bigger the pool, the bigger the heater.
  • BTUs: Pool heaters have a standard power measuring unit called BTU (British thermal unit). There are some calculations a gas pool heater expert needs to do to determine the best heater for your pool.
  • Your heating preferences and needs: You can choose a heater that maintains a constant warm temperature or one to heat your pool based on the weather. Heating on demand requires a bigger heater, while constant heating doesn’t require as much.

Why People Love Their Natural Gas Pool Heater

There are many available pool heating options. With an array of advantages, this is why most people choose a natural gas swimming pool heater:


If you need to heat your pool quickly, gas is your ideal option. Natural gas burns fast and heats your swimming pool faster than heat pumps, electricity, or solar heaters. This means you don’t need to postpone pool activities to wait for the water to heat up. It is also a good option if you use your pool sparingly. Since gas pool heaters operate independently, not many outside influences can interfere when heating your pool.

Start-up and Energy Costs

Gas heaters come in different sizes and qualities. They are generally cheaper to buy and install than other options, such as electric and heat pump varieties. It is also cheaper to run gas pool heaters than electricity heaters, especially when energy costs are at an all-time high. Gas Service Centers always recommends that homeowners in Central Florida choose a gas pool heater with an 89-95% efficiency rating.

Underground Installation

Many homeowners in the Fort Meyers area tend to avoid installing a gas pool heater due to the amount of space it can take area from their outdoor area. Fortunately, we offer underground installation for our gas pool heaters. Gas Service Centers handles all aspects of pool heater installation, so by the time installation is complete it’ll be ready to start working.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas heater emits fewer greenhouse gases. If you are an environmentalist, this option collaborates with your efforts for a greener future while making sure your needs for heating your pool water are met.

Natural Gas Pool Heater and Installation in Central Florida! 

Natural gas heaters are an excellent option for pool owners seeking reliability, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced comfort. With their efficiency, every day is a pool day all year round. Proper gas pool heater installation can optimize its efficiency. At Gas Service Center, we efficiently install, service, and maintain pool heaters in Central Florida. 

Contact us for an estimate in installing your natural gas pool heater, or converting your home from electric to gas today!

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Published: March 20, 2024
Author: Gas Service Center
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