Top Reasons You Should Get a Generator For Your House
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Top Reasons You Should Get a Generator For Your House

Southwest Florida residents are no strangers to power outages. It’s an unfortunate part of the wild storms we encounter and sometimes lasts longer than just a few minutes. You’ve probably noticed friends and neighbors adding a home generator to their property. If you’ve ever wondered if your home needs a generator, we have the answers to guide you! Home generators in Southwest Florida can bring peace of mind, safety, and convenience through all conditions.

Signs You Need a Home Generator

Here are some common reasons homeowners choose to invest in a standby generator. If you find any of these to resonate with your home or family, a home generator is a worthy investment!

You live in a hot climate

Most often, experts recommend home generators for homes in extreme temperature climates. For us, in Southwest Florida, that means relief from extreme heat. If you lose power in the hot summer months for any length of time, it gets uncomfortable fast and potentially unsafe for members of your family. A home generator helps ensure your home stays comfortable and avoids excessive humidity with mold growth during a power outage.

You experience a lot of power outages

In Florida, we’re blessed with beautiful year-round weather, but also the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms every summer. This could mean constant and lengthy power outages if you don’t have the right plan in place. If you live in an area or home with frequent power outages, investing in a home generator is wise to keep your home and belongings safe and running.

Family member relies on medical equipment

A home generator ensures your medical equipment stays operational despite a prolonged power outage. Even though most of these life-saving medical equipment comes with a backup battery, it only lasts so long before recharging. A home generator allows you to continue to care for family members at home who rely on this equipment.

You have a home security system

Your home security system gives you peace and assurance your home is safe. However, when the electricity turns off, your system can no longer operate as it should. Prolonged power outages can cause serious safety concerns. Many home security systems use a backup battery, but if it’s not at total capacity or the power outage lasts longer than several hours, the system cannot run properly. 

You have a deep freezer

If you keep your deep freezer or fridge stocked at all times, it’s time to invest in a home generator. Without a home generator, frozen and refrigerated food is lost in an extended power outage. Not only is your food lost, but the money spent is also wasted! So take away the stress of trying to salvage and save perishable food in a power outage with a generator that keeps your home running.

You work from home

Now more than ever, people work remotely from their homes. That internet connection means much more than streaming videos or scrolling social media. If you rely on your home’s wifi connection for your job, it might be wise to consider a home generator, especially if your home loses power often. Then, your work life and home life won’t be interrupted if a storm knocks out your home’s power.

Should I Buy a Portable or Standby Generator?

When it comes to home generators, the two options are portable and standby. While a portable generator might seem viable at first glance, it usually causes more frustration than it’s worth. A portable generator requires setup each time you use it and only lasts for a certain period of time before the battery runs out. On the other hand, since a standby generator is a permanent addition to your home, you can rest assured that whenever needed, it will turn on automatically and last much longer.

Standby home generators have size options, so no one size fits all! You’ll discuss your home needs and what you need to be powered during a power outage with a professional home generator installer to determine what size standby generator you need. When considering home generator size, prioritize what’s necessary to power during an outage, like a bathroom, water, wifi, and air conditioning.

Find Home Generators in Southwest Florida

For Southwest Florida homeowners, contact Gas Service Center for your home generator needs. We offer standby generators in several sizes so you can find a home generator that fits your needs and your home. Our commitment is to install safe, convenient, and long-lasting home generators. The generators we install are outdoors and run on natural gas, which is a safer option for your family and home! Contact Gas Service Center today to get a virtual quote and never worry about losing power to your home again!

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Published: March 6, 2023
Author: Gas Service Center
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