How Much Should I Expect a Gas Line Installation to Cost?

Natural gas is a widely used and efficient resource that most homes cannot do away with. It offers clean-burning fuel for your ovens, fireplaces, outdoor and indoor stoves, hot tubs, and even your air conditioners. While installing a gas line for your home, one of the most crucial factors to look out for is your gas line installation cost. 

Several factors determine this cost, and it is crucial to evaluate them to ensure you don’t overspend on the installation and get the best results.

Gas Service Center in Fort Myers, FL, is here to go over the various factors that affect the cost of a gas line installation and the benefits of hiring aprofessional gas line installation service

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Gas Line Installation 

Several factors affect the cost of gas line installation. Again, it’s crucial to understand these aspects to ensure you get value out of your money. These factors include the following: 

Type of Gas Being Installed 

The type of gas being installed doesn’t significantly affect the cost of gas line installation, but natural gas is usually cheaper than propane.

This difference usually arises from the type of pipe material used in the installation. Each option has different heat production, which means that natural gas piping sizes differ from propane piping. 

Propane piping is usually smaller since you need less propane for a similar amount needed in natural gas to generate the same amount of heat. Therefore, propane installation will incur lower costs than natural gas installation.

Distance from the Gas Source 

The length of the gas line is also a significant factor in determining your installation cost. The cost is determined by the price per linear foot. Longer lines need more material and labor, which increases the overall costs. For instance, if you need your gas line to run through the street to your appliances, it may involve more labor, resulting in higher prices. 

Complexity of the Installation 

Factors like accessibility due to existing infrastructure and other obstacles also significantly impact the overall cost of gas installation. For instance, installing new piping in older homes without an existing gas line is more expensive than adding to an existing gas line system. 

Permits and Regulations 

Factors like mandatory inspections, permit fees, and adherence to local regulations also play a role in determining your gas line installation cost. Therefore, you should learn about these costs beforehand to ensure you include these costs in your budget. 

Average Costs of Gas Line Installations 

Gas line installation costs vary nationally and from one region to another. This primarily results from the accessibility of necessary materials needed in the installation process, accessibility, local permits, and other related factors. 

National Average Cost 

The national average cost ranges between $500 and $2,000, with most homeowners paying $800 to install a 25-foot gas line to their furnaces. Prices can go as low as $200 to install the gas line in an existing one, but they can go up to $5,000 if you need to extend the service line by several feet. 

Benefits of Professional Gas Line Installation 

While there are many projects in your home that you can DIY, gas line installation isn’t one of them. You need the intervention of a professional gas line installation company like Gas Service Center to ensure the installation is done correctly. Otherwise, DIY installation may result in carbon monoxide leakages and related risks. 

When installing a gas line, you need to hire a professional gas installation expert to ensure certainty in the workmanship, materials, and compliance with necessary permits. 

Gas Line Installation in Fort Myers, FL 

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Published: July 1, 2024
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