Should I Install a House Generator? Portable vs. Standby

Power outages can be a significant inconvenience in Florida homes. Having a home generator is one of the most crucial aspects you should consider. Otherwise, you will be constantly dealing with issues like food spoiling and problems navigating your home in the dark. 

Home generators come in two options: portable and standby. While each offers the same electricity service during a power outage, they differ slightly in cost and convenience. 

At Gas Service Center, we want to help you choose which generator for your home would be best. 

Portable Generators

As the name suggests, portable generators can be easily moved from one place to another and must be manually started. Similar to any other type of generator, portable generators are rated according to the amount of power they produce or watts. Typically, generators with more watts can power more items than those with less.

Portable generators can provide power for your home essentials, but most cannot power your entire home, especially your electrical ranges and water heaters. Depending on the watt hours, they could keep your pump, furnace, and fridge running. 

Besides these benefits, portable generators have several disadvantages, including the need for manual start, constant maintenance, and limited use. 

At Home Generators 

Standby generators, sometimes called at-home generators, are permanently installed home generators that supply power during power outages. Unlike portable options, these generators are designed to activate automatically after a power outage. They use an Automatic Transfer Switch or ATS, which prompts them to kick in automatically after a power loss. 

After a power outage, the ATS disconnects your home from the utility power grid and prompts the generator to generate power to your home’s electrical panel. Once power from the utility grid is restored, the ATS automatically prompts the generator to switch down and reconnect your home’s electric connection to the main power grid. 

ATS’s most important benefit is preventing back-feeding electricity to the grid. Back-feeding is dangerous, as the generator sends electricity to the power grid, resulting in fires. 

Benefits of a Standby Generator Compared with Portable Options

Standby generators have several benefits. The most significant one is their user-friendliness. They always turn on automatically, so you don’t have to worry about powering them up anytime the power goes out. 

Besides that, standby generators run on propane or natural gas.

They also have a huge tank that can hold a lot of gas or propane, meaning that a whole-house fill-out can run your home for days or weeks without refueling. On the other hand, portable generators run on gasoline and need frequent refueling. 

Standby generators are also quieter than portable generators, which are notoriously noisy. This is due to their waterproof housing and insulation. 

Finally, standby generators have a higher power output than portable options. They offer between 8,000 and 20,000 watts, compared to the 3,000 to 8,500 watts produced by a portable generator. This suits your home’s electrical needs for the longest time possible. 

When At-Home Generators Are Best 

A standby generator is the best option for peace of mind during short and prolonged power outages. It doesn’t need manual startup, offers huge power, is less noisy, and can run for a prolonged period. This helps keep your electrical appliances running until power is restored and your electronic security system remains on during your usage period. 

Standby Generators in Fort Myers, FL 

A standby generator in your home is an investment for safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Once you choose to install one, you can rest assured that even when the power goes out, everything continues running as if there’s no power outage.

At Gas Service Center, we offer high-quality standby generator installation services to clients in Fort Myers, FL, and its surroundings. We always ensure that our installations fit your electrical needs and are safely done.

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Published: July 1, 2024
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