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Commercial Fire Features

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Fire features add an extra level of classiness to your restaurant, coziness to your hotel, or professionalism to your office, law firm, or real estate business. In fact, did you know that most award-winning design spaces highlight a fire feature? Yes, flames draw in human beings! Do you want to add attractive commerical fire features to your business? Skip the typical smoke and maintenance of a traditional fire, with a commercial gas fire feature installation! Commercial fire features come in three different forms: stationary, permanent, and portable. The type of fuel really depends on the kind of fire feature you install. Natural gas typically fuels permanent and stationary fire features. Portable fire pits often use propane. 

Luckily, Gas Service Center has years of experience to help guide you in this valuable addition and only offers the best in natural gas and propane fire features. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, professional workmanship, and dedication to safety. So if your business is in the Southwest Florida area and needs a stunning addition to help draw in your customers and keep them coming back, give us a call today!   


Commercial Fire Pit Installation Process


To start, our professional will come to your business and evaluate where you would like the fire feature placed. There are certain safety things to take into consideration. The fire feature needs a level, flat surface and cannot be near anything combustible. If you want the fire feature placed on a combustible surface (i.e., a wood deck), we will need to put a protective barrier down first.

While we want to place your fire feature wherever pleases you, our expert team might recommend a particular area based on our experience and knowledge. For example, you will want to avoid placing a fire feature in areas that regularly become crowded, as you don’t want your customers feeling overheated from close proximity to the fire. Always choose an area with optimal ventilation and away from a place where children are likely to play. Always ensure the area your fire feature is in is well-ventilated, open, and not crowded.

We also take into consideration safety laws. For example, many cities have regulations surrounding fire features. Luckily, we are well versed in all of Southwest Florida’s current rules and regulations covering all things involving gas and propane. 


Next, we discuss what option you want for your fire feature. If you want a permanent option, we will discuss running a gas line from a propane tank or connecting it to natural gas lines. If you would like your fire feature to move around to various places, we will discuss using a small propane canister (think of the canister you would use for a BBQ grill) to wheel around with your fire feature as needed.


Then our team will then begin the installation process. We meticulously check each connection to ensure your staff, customers, and business safety. We also run several safety checks and, as always, answer any and all questions and concerns you have about your new fire feature.

Home Benefits of a Commercial Fire Feature

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1. It Adds Ambiance

There is nothing quite like a fire feature’s cozy, peaceful ambiance. Not only do fire pits add a certain style, flair, and appeal to your business, but they also have a natural calming impact on your customers. Being near an open fire has a natural relaxation effect on the body. There is something peaceful about watching the ebb and flow of the flames. It will lower your heart rate and even drop your blood pressure. 

2. It Isn’t Messy

If you find yourself worried that a fire feature will create yet another mess to clean up or another thing to maintain, think again! A gas fire feature removes the extra mess of wood, wood shavings, ash, and other debris. It also eliminates smelly smoke.

3. Easy To Use

A gas fire feature makes having a fire simple, clean, and easy! These fire features offer anything from a low-maintenance match light system to a more convenient electronic ignition. You can also find systems that you can operate with a wall switch, remote control, or smart home automatic system. We know running a business requires substantial time and effort, and we don’t want your fire feature to add to your “to-do” list.

4. Every Design To Match Your Style

No matter where you want to add your fire feature, we can find something that will fit your needs and become the perfect addition to your business! There are hundreds of sizes, shapes, designs, burner varieties, and colors to fit your own unique business’s brand and style. You can even add media options like fire glass and lava rock to create the ultimate custom design to fit your tastes.