Gas Line Installation for Commercial Kitchens in Fort Myers, FL


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Commercial Kitchens, Country Clubs

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Looking to create a better cooking experience with a kitchen gas installation in Southwest Florida? When talking about downtime in the kitchen, well, you don’t talk about it because it doesn’t happen. If you want to run a profitable and productive commercial kitchen, you can’t afford to experience downtime! Especially if downtime is out of your control. The expert and professional team at Gas Service Center is here to provide quality kitchen gas installation in Southwest Florida, so you can focus on creating those mouth-watering masterpieces that keep your customers coming back! 

If you need kitchen gas installation in Southwest Florida, our team of experts is ready to help keep your kitchen cooking! Whether your kitchen is in a country club, luxury restaurant, or neighborhood street bistro, we want to help make your kitchen safer, more affordable, and more efficient so you can focus on getting the perfect cook every time. So give us a call today to see how we can help you! 

The Process

We aren’t going to lie. Installing gas in a commercial kitchen is a complicated and intricate process. It requires a professional, experienced team, like the crew at Gas Service Center, to ensure installation goes smoothly. 

If the installation is not performed correctly, there can be significant consequences for you, your staff, and your kitchen. For example, faulty installed gas lines can cause anything from gas leaks to accidental fires and everything in between. Any of these events will cause serious damage to your kitchen equipment and, more importantly, your valued customers and excellent staff team. 

This is why our team takes kitchen gas installation in Southwest Florida seriously. We begin by coming and evaluating your kitchen and the safest and best place to run your gas lines. Then we run the tubes for the natural gas to your ovens and stoves. In order to install gas lines, you need specific clamps and nozzles installed to connect and close off the gas properly.  

A commercial kitchen has multiple gas line connections, and large industrial ovens need a lot of gas to run optimally! Depending on your business hours, these ovens are usually your hardest working employee! We ensure all the lines are correctly connected, so you do not have to worry about leaks, shortages, or damage to your kitchen. 

Benefits Of A Gas Fueled Commercial Kitchen

Gas Service Center

1. Saving Money

In general, on average, propane and natural gas cost less to cook with than cooking with traditional electric-powered equipment. 

2. Increase Efficiency 

With a gas-powered stove, the flame lights immediately and begins producing heat directly. This means your chef is not wasting valuable time waiting for an element to heat up. In addition, because the flame moves with a gas-powered burner versus electric, the heat is more spread out, resulting in heat from the bottoms and sides of pans. The end result? The heat works faster. Finally, because the flame goes out immediately when you turn the control “off,” a gas-powered burner or oven cools down more quickly than electric ones. As a result, there is less ambient heat produced.

3. Improve Your Cooking Precision

Propane will instantly respond to your heat adjustments. The knob directly controls the flow of gas and the intensity of the flame. Your chefs can bump a simmer to a boil and bring it back down again in seconds. Because you have direct control over the flame, cooking becomes easier and more consistent, eliminating hot spots or scorched food. 

4. Cleaner Cooking

Propane has a very low carbon content, resulting in a propane burner that leaves almost no residue behind. As an added bonus, propane cooking appliances have a longer lifetime than electricity-powered ones. 

5. Reliablility

While the idea of a power outage might frighten your electric-powered kitchen competitors, a power outage is typically no trouble for gas appliances.