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Is your team of builders starting a new construction project? Maybe you are remodeling your business, building a new home, or expanding your company. A new construction project is exciting, time-consuming, and expensive. Perhaps you hope to save money long-term by installing natural gas lines or an above or underground propane tank right from the start.

Well, you are at the right place! Our licensed, certified, and expert team at Gas Service Center will partner with your contractor and builders to help make installing natural gas lines in Southwest Florida a breeze. There are many codes and standards that come into play to ensure that natural gas applications in the commercial and residential sectors are correctly installed and properly operated for optimal safety and reliability. Each state, and even local governments within each state, determine the codes and standards that apply to their residents. As a licensed and professional team, we have years of knowledge and know the local ordinances inside and out.

So let us partner with you to aid you in installing natural gas lines in Southwest Florida. Our commitment to communication, professionalism, and years of expertise in the field makes us a valuable addition to your building team. Call us today to learn more!

Ways You Can Use Natural Gas

The commercial sector uses natural gas in many ways! Natural gas has all of the following applications:

  • Heats buildings and water
  • Fuels your stoves and ovens
  • Keeps your dryers running 
  • Fuels refrigeration and cooling systems
  • Powers outdoor lighting
  • Works with specific heat and power systems

Why Use Natural Gas?

There are several ways that natural gas improves not only your quality of life and expenses but also the quality of the planet and the lives of others.

  • Natural gas has grown 10% in commercial buildings in the last decade. 
  • Customers who use natural gas benefit from a reliable and lower cost of service. The average commercial customer’s utility bills hit a new low, averaging $405 in 2015—the lowest price since 2003.
  • Using natural gas is low maintenance. Natural gas is clean, requires fewer repairs, and causes less damage over the years. 
  • Not only does the purity of natural gas lessen maintenance costs, but it is also better for the health of our diverse planet and each of us who call earth home. In fact, it reduces emissions and is Clean Air Act compliant.
  • Using natural gas is extremely energy efficient. Natural gas boilers maintain high equipment efficient ratings and provide a higher combustion efficiency over time without soot build-up over time inside the boiler.
  • It is an abundant resource and a significant source of energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States has enough natural gas to last the rest of this century. So you don’t have to worry about growing fuel costs or running out of fuel!

Gas Service Center is ready to help your builders and contractors get started today!

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