Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Gas Service Center Offer?

We are a locally owned installation and service company for your natural gas and propane systems, serving both residential and commercial properties. If your in need of these services give us a call at 239-849-0016 or email us at!

How can I use propane or natural gas in my home or business?

Propane and natural gas are both a clean environmentally friendly fuel that is cost effective and an efficient source of energy. Both are most commonly used for heating and powering appliances such as stoves and dryers, but can be used for much more!

Am I able to use propane even if I don't have propane-powered appliances?

Yes of course, propane is a widely used energy source for outdoor grills, lighting, fireplaces, and heating for pools and spas.

Will my propane appliances still work when my power goes out?

When an electric power goes out, propane can be the energy that powers standby generators, in this case your appliances will still work, if interested in this give us a call at 239-849-0016 or email us at

What are the lifestyle advantages of using propane in my home or business?

Gas-powered appliances are safe, efficient, and economical. Natural Gas is the earth’s cleanest fossil fuel and the most cost efficient in the long run. Individual perks include precise temperature control for cooking, and easy fires for fire pits.

Am I still able to use natural gas during a power outage?

Depending on the appliance, but yes many gas appliances can still work during a power outage, however most furnaces won’t continue to work, as they need a certain amount of components of electricity to operate, in this case if you would like your electricity to keep on operating a standby generator, will be the best option for you that can connect with a natural gas system.

Will I save money by switching to natural gas?

Yes, switching to gas appliances you can save up to 30% on your utility bill. Even if you would need to redirect or install a gas line and install gas appliances, you will end up saving money in the long run.

What are signs of a gas leak in my home or business?
  • A Gas leak can give off the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur
  • If you hear a blowing, hissing, or whistling sound near your gas lines
  • If you notice your vegetation is dead or discolored in an area
  • If you notice bubbles in a moist area in the ground or water
  • If you notice a white or dust cloud near your gas lines
  • If you see a damaged or broken gas line
  • Any health related symptoms such as difficulty breathing, dizziness, or flu-like symptoms could be a cause of gas in the air
  • Any pet related symptoms such as odd or unusual behavior such as lack of energy, interest, an appetite, or vomiting can be cause of gas in the air
What do I do if I suspect a gas leak/smell gas?
  • Leave the area or building immediately.
  • Avoid causing a flame or spark by not lighting a match or smoke, don’t turn appliances or lights on and off, and do not use a phone, flashlight, or start your car.
  • Once you are a good amount of distance away from the area or building do call 911 or your local fire department, and do call us your local gas service company!