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Gas Pool Heaters

Installation & Service by Gas Service Center

Nobody wants to jump into an ice-cold pool, even on a hot and humid Florida afternoon. But, if you want to keep your pool temperature stable and comfortable, gas pool heaters are the way to go. Powered by natural gas, pool heaters are a safe and efficient way to control your swimming pool’s temperature year-round. Here at Gas Service Center, we install, service, and maintain pool heaters in Southwest and Central Florida. We’re a local-owned installation and service company based in Fort Myers, providing professional and friendly service for your residential pools.

Switching from electric heaters to gas heaters saves you time and money by heating your pool in just 1 hour!

Never had a pool heater? We’d love to show you why our gas pool heaters are the best in the business!

  • We handle all aspects of your pool heater installation, so it starts working as soon as the installation is complete.
  • Natural gas requires less maintenance than other types of pool heaters.
  • Because they’re installed underground, natural gas lines are less susceptible to damage than electric.
  • Natural gas is an environmentally-friendly fuel source, burning cleaner than alternatives. It can also reduce your energy bill!
  • You never need to refill your fuel source; it’s always full due to the natural gas connection.
  • Natural gas works efficiently to heat your pool in less time and keeps it comfortable.

Are you ready to get started with a pool heater or want to learn more? You can get in touch via our contact form or call us directly at (239) 849-0016. We’d love to discuss your needs, go over your options, and make a plan to give you the pool heater system you’ve been waiting for.

How Do Gas Pool Heaters Work?

How exactly does natural gas work to heat your pool? Since natural gas heats through combustion, it starts by drawing pool water into its chamber. The heat from combustion quickly heats the water in the chamber, then releases it back into the pool before drawing in more water to heat. Circulation is the key to rapid and even water heating, and since natural gas has a constant fuel source, it can circulate the water constantly. 

At Gas Service Center, we’re experienced in finding the perfect gas heater for your pool’s size and personal preferences. Choosing the right size ensures the most efficient heating, saving you money and giving you a perfectly-heated pool at all times. Interested in more of our gas and propane services? We service residential and commercial customers, so be sure to contact us with all your installation and service needs.