Home Generator Installation in Fort Myers, FL

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Home Generators

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Power shortages that last longer than a few minutes are a frightening experience. An analysis conducted by Climate Central found that Florida had the tenth highest number of outages nationwide. Luckily, at Gas Service Center, we understand the importance of having a backup power source. That’s why we offer top-quality home generators in Southwest Florida. We do everything from the initial quote to installation, so your home is ready to go within seconds of power failure!

The Process for Home Generator Installation

After you determine what size generator is best for your needs and what you need it to power, you need to choose a location. We offer home consultations to help you determine the best location for your generator. The placement must follow certain guidelines. 

  • You need a stable, well-drained area that will not flood.
  • The area must have room around the generator for needed maintenance.
  • Keep in mind homeowners association and community restrictions when choosing a site.

Your generator can not be closer than 18 inches from home, 60 inches from doors, fresh air intakes, and windows. It also must have 36 inches of clearance in front for servicing needs. Remember that the closer the generator location is to a natural or gas line or electric meter, the less installation will cost. After determining the location, we will install it. The process is simple and involves preparing the site with a concrete slab or pea gravel and placing the generator on the concrete slab/gravel.

Finally, our expert team will safely connect the fuel lines and transfer the switch to the main breaker box. The transfer switch senses where the power comes from and when to switch to the generator power. Our team will then simulate a power outage to ensure your generator is fully functional and operating correctly. We also encourage weekly tests to ensure everything continues to function well.

Considerations For Home Generator Installation

First, there are several things we take into consideration before installing your home generator. You will talk to you about several factors that will influence what size generator you want to install. 

1. Load management

Transfer switches will turn off equipment or appliances if the load on the generator is too great (you are trying to power too many things at once). The load management allows you to choose a smaller generator while still powering everything you want or need. While you will not have direct control over what switches on or off, you can prioritize each item. For example, if someone downstairs turns on the heat while you are taking a shower during a power outage, this combination could overload the unit. Your generator will know that the water is more important than the heat, so it will shut off the heat until the shower is complete.

2. What You Want Powered

Obviously, the more you want to power, the bigger the generator you need. While most homeowners have similar needs during a power outage, you will still need to choose between a few common generator sizes. Make a list of the things you need your generator to power during an outage. Here are a few examples:

  • Water: If you are on a well water system, your well pump will need power.
  • Hot Water: Electric water heaters will need more power than gas units.
  • Internet/Wifi: If you work from home and need the internet for your income, this might move from a “want” to a “need.”
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: This is the most considerable pull of power from your generator and is the biggest factor determining the generator’s size.
  • A Working Bathroom: You will need power to flush your toilet.

Home Generators

Gas Service Center

Why Install A Home Generator?

1. Your Safety

Our professional, licensed team installs home generators in Southwest Florida and prewires all the connections to ensure your generator, home, and family are safe. In addition, generators help deter crime by keeping your home habitable and the lights on. They are also the safer choice, especially compared to gasoline backup generators. Our generators run on natural gas and sit outdoors. This means there’s much less risk of carbon monoxide exposure!

In addition, a home generator will prevent voltage fluctuations and power surges from damaging your home’s electric system. In turn, this lowers your risk for fires or short circuits. Finally, you will never have to face bad weather to turn on your generator as it will sense when the power is off and turn on automatically.

2. Longevity

In the case of a horrible, long-lasting storm where damage can result in power being out for weeks, home generators in Southwest Florida can safely power your home for weeks. In addition, with proper and regular maintenance, your generator can last for over 40 years.

3. Convenience

It is easy to take something we rarely go without for granted. But just several hours without power can result in rotting food, no water, and a frustrating bathroom situation. With a home generator, your family never needs to worry about these things.

4. A Good Investment

When you decide to upgrade your home with a standby generator, you can see a return on investment in home value. When you sell your home, you can gain more than 50% of the generator project cost.