Indoor Ventless Fireplaces


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Indoor Ventless Fireplaces

Installation by Gas Service Center

Have you always loved the look of a fireplace but don’t have one in your home? Installing one can be pricey, and maintenance can be a hassle. However, if you want all the benefits without the downsides, then an indoor ventless fireplace might be right for you! Ventless fireplaces give you the ambiance and heating capacity of a traditional fireplace without the need to remodel your home. Plus, there’s no smoke or ash to clean up!

Ventless fireplaces work via combustion. Fueled by propane or natural gas, they take in a room’s air, heat it, and circulate it back into the room. Because they burn so cleanly, there’s no need for a chimney or other ventilation. Instead, the exhaust safely vents back out into the room, along with the heat, giving you a steady and efficient source of warmth.

All of our ventless fireplaces meet local and federal safety standards. As Central and Southwest Florida’s gas authority, we at Gas Service Center only use tested and trusted fireplaces. We start by talking to you to find out what you’re looking for in a fireplace. Do you want it to replace another heat source or simply add to the atmosphere? Once we know what you want, we’ll find one with the right size and appearance. Our licensed team will connect the gas line or propane to the fireplace for a safe and proper connection.

Get Your Own Ventless Fireplace

If you want to learn more or get started today, we’re ready! Contact us online, or call to talk to a knowledgeable member of our team. We’ll go over what you need and offer our expert advice and recommendations for your new ventless fireplace. If you need a gas line or tank installation, we can do that, too! Gas Service Station is the only source you need to heat your home, so contact us today to learn more. We’re available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday for your convenience.

Is an Indoor Ventless Fireplace Right for You?

Benefits of Ventless Fireplaces

Ventless indoor fireplaces are rising in popularity for several reasons. For many, their benefits outweigh their costs.

  • Installation costs less. Without a chimney to worry about, all you need to do is choose where you want them to go.
  • They take much less space than a full hearth and traditional fireplace.
  • Because of clean-burning natural gas or propane, they emit fewer pollutants into the air than wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Ventless fireplaces are incredibly efficient at producing heat and filling your home much faster because the heat can’t escape.
  • Both upfront and long-term operating cost is much lower. Propane and natural gas are very affordable fuel sources.