Propane Tank Inspection and Service in Fort Myers, FL


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Annual Propane Tank Maintenance, Safety Inspections & Service

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If you have recently had a propane tank installed in your home or commercial business, you know it is an expensive undertaking! We understand that your propane tank and the appliances it supplies, like your stove, oven, generator, and fire feature, are a big investment. While it is a considerable initial investment for your home or business, the benefits of propane and natural gas far outweigh the upfront costs.

However, when you make this investment, we want to help you ensure that it continues to last and work properly for a long, long time! That’s why our licensed, professional, and knowledgeable team at Gas Service Center offers businesses and homeowners routine propane tank maintenance in Southwest Florida. So give us a call! We can’t wait to discuss a routine maintenance schedule that will enable you to continue getting a return on your investment!


How Long Does A Propane Tank Last?

With proper maintenance, a freestanding propane tank can last at least 12 years after the manufacture date. However, you will need to recertify it every five years after that 12-year mark. It is legally required to recertify your tank before you can refill it. 

While an above-ground tank lasts at least 12 years, an underground tank can last anywhere from 20-30 years. The lifespan depends on several factors, such as if it was installed correctly (always have a professional do it) and the type of soil you have. If your soil is especially acidic, it can shorten the lifespan of your tank. 

What Maintenance Needs Does A Propane Tank Have?

Gas Service Center

If you are a first-time propane tank owner, it can feel intimidating caring for it. However, our kind and knowledgeable team are here to guide you from proper installation to maintenance. 

Maintenance Needs

1. Always Schedule Regular Propane Deliveries

It is essential never to let your propane gas tank run empty. When checking your levels, always remember that delivery companies will only fill your tank to a maximum of 80% of its capacity. This is for your safety as propane expands and contracts depending on the temperature. Your tank gauge will read different levels depending on what the temperature is doing. Propane expands in warmer temperatures, so the volume increases as the temperature rises. It becomes denser in cold temperatures, so your gauge will read a lower volume in cold temperatures.

We recommend scheduling routine automatic deliveries, so you never have to worry about trying to monitor your fuel levels or running out! Experts will calculate the average high and low temperature and use the information to ensure that you receive a delivery at the appropriate time.

2. Check For Leaks

Part of routine maintenance is regularly checking your propane tank for leaks. It helps to have a professional come and check each connecting point as well to ensure there are no leaks in your stove, fire feature, or oven. 

3. Check The Ground

If you have an above-ground tank, you will need to ensure that the ground stays level underneath it. We inspect the dirt under your tank for moisture to confirm that the concrete platform the tank sits on is still in optimal working condition. 

4. Check For Additional Problems

Next, we do a complete inspection to check if there are any damaged or missing valves, controls, dials, or indicators. Then we examine your gas line to ensure no leaks, kinks, or anything else is causing it to malfunction. Next, we check and test for any corrosion on any of the equipment. Checking for corrosion is especially important for underground tanks. Finally, our team tests if there is any soot accumulation on your propane tank or any of its parts.

Let Us Help!

You can easily expect your propane tank to last for many years with just a little bit of regular maintenance. Let us help you keep your investment running smoothly! Whether you’re new to propane and want to get started, or you need help with propane tank maintenance in Southwest Florida, our team of experts is ready to help! Contact us today to get started!