Tank & Gas Line Installation in Fort Myers, FL


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Tank Installation

Full-Service Installation by Gas Service Center

Gas Service Center provides professional, start-to-finish propane tank installation you can count on! As a locally-owned company, we’re familiar with all laws and regulations for safe and compliant installation, even within your HOA. We do all the work for you right from the start, ensuring your tank is installed correctly and there for the long run.

Installing a propane tank is easy when you leave it to the experts. You can begin by contacting us for your service. Give us some basic information about what you need and where you’re located, and we’ll take it from there. Our qualified and experienced tank installation team will do all the work, from researching distance requirements to obtaining necessary permits. If your neighborhood or HOA requires an underground tank, we’ll do all the prep work. Then, once it’s time for installation, we’ll install every component needed to get the propane where it needs to go. We’ll check lines, ensure the tank is level, and perform final safety checks before filling your tank. Once we’re finished, it’s ready to use!

Gas Line Installation

Compliant & Safe Installation

Just like tanks, gas line installation requires completion by a licensed professional. Permits and approvals are necessary before starting the installation, but there’s no need for you to sweat the details. You can leave that to us! We know all the aspects required, having completed countless gas line installations for both residential and commercial customers in the Central and Southwest Florida areas. 

We’ll take measurements, prepare the area, and seal the pipes for guaranteed longevity. Our rigorous testing measures give you the assurance of a properly-installed line for your home or business. You can count Gas Service Center to follow all government regulations for gas line installation for your pool heaters, gas ranges, fireplaces, and more!

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